The guests can choose between an assortment of itineraries during their stay.

 The Customized itinerary: As per their specific interests, the guests can choose from the activities enlisted below and help us design an experience that is tailor-made to their own holiday inclinations.

a. Safari in Jim Corbett National Park (by advance booking)
b. Jungle Safari in the nearby forest
c. Angling
d. Birding
e. Trekking
f. Biking Trips up the hills
g. The Botanical Walk through the Sal Forest
h. Village life and Pahaadi Culture Photography Trip
i. Camping

Family Itinerary : For nature lovers traveling with little kids, we have the following activities as well. This is a program developed to instill a sense of compassion, sensitivity and love for Mother Nature in young urban children.

      a. Family Picnics by the River
      b. Awareness and Nature Appreciation Workshop for Kids
 i)     Appreciating Wildlife
          ii)   Conservation
          iii)   Birds of Prey and their close relationship with man
          iv)   Jim Corbett’s Jungle Stories

        The Specialized Itinerary : In case of yoga retreats and other Arts ‘n’ Aesthetics Workshops that Foothills
       actively organizes, a specialized itinerary will be drawn up. 

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