About Foothills

Placid mornings, still afternoons and star-studded nights make the recipe for rejuvenating, reinventing or simply taking a break.

Tucked away between the North-East periphery of Corbett National Park and the Foothills of Nainital, lies the less traveled area of Kotabagh where the private Foothills nestles.

This delightful and refreshing enclave is, so as to speak cradled by the jungle on one side and the hills on the other.

With its gravity fed irrigation channels and bountiful climate, Kotabagh is a paradise for cereals and fruits.
Splendid farm patches and orchards dot the undulating landscape.

With its proximity to the last great Sal forest of the Himalayan foothills in the bhabar, one can indulge in the gentle but beautiful countryside with long walks and for those wanting more adventure, take day trips along with a local guide into the neighbouring jungles that harbours diverse wildlife. The jungles surrounding Foothills makes it unique as these were the very jungles where Jim Corbett learnt "Jungle Lore" and hunted down dreaded man-eaters and passed on his wisdom through his immortal work.

Foothills-Ideal as a retreat, for relaxing, meditating, getting away and perfecting the art of doing Nothing. So when the business of life calls for getting away, from the crowds, the noise, the glamour and its hectic pace Then its time to Getaway to Foothills.
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