Foothills is idyllic when it comes down to discovering the true meaning of relaxation, be it by simply finishing that book that has been covering dust for a while, whilst laying on the hammock between the two guava trees, or by sampling the sumptuous organic food which is directly sourced from the gardens in Foothills. A star spangled sky bursting with satellites and a myriad of constellations provide with a view unimaginable to one who has been a city dweller. A tryst with nature in all her splendour is what you will find on long walks by the river or the tiny pathways that lead to views, that do indeed, take your breath away.


“ Then one day when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you.” - Ewan Mcgregor Foothills, being a part of the last great Himalayan Sal forests is a paradise for birders. Take long treks, camp out under the stars and simply be one with the flora and fauna around you. Go on fishing trips to the Ramganga or Mahakali in search of the mighty Golden Mahaseer. Make that scintillating journey into Corbett National Park in search of the elusive, yet magnificent animal known as the Tiger. Adventures and dreams is what Foothills guarantees.


A land of various colours and depth is what surrounds Foothills. Starting from the traditions and customs of the ‘Pahari’ dwellers, come experience their mouth watering cuisine, their songs and the way of the gentle hill folk. Make permanent imprints of the countryside with your camera and live these moments for a lifetime. Foothills promises the best home grown organic produce, the most exhilarating adventures and a sense of calm ,that with all certainty will bring a smile and memories etched in time.